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New Web App—PairWise Party

It's Game Night, having trouble deciding what games to play? BoardGameApocalypse would like to announce its new web app...

Edit: PairWise Party has been more aptly named Ranking Engine and now uses your collection. You can find it here...Apocalypse Ranking Engine.

PairWise Party webapp for board games
Dune or Terraforming, that's a tough decision!

So, your friends and family have all gathered up for a night of board gaming fun and a stack of board games sit on the table, the counter, the floor, the shelves…the broom closet, the refrigerator, the ceiling fans…there are just more games than you could possibly play in one night. How do you decide on what games to play? It’s time for a PairWise Party.

Head on over to the PairWise Party page, then enter the names of the participants and game titles. Registered users may even use games selected for pairwise comparisons from their PurchaseGuide.

Once all the games are entered and the participants ready, tap Start PairWise Party. The starting participant will then be given an option of two games. They should choose (tap) the game they like or want to play the most. Once they are done, they will be instructed as to whom will be next.

Note: each game is compared to every other game. You must be mindful of this, as each game you add will increase the number of compares exponentially. As you add games, the app will inform you of how many compares there will be. Five to Seven games are a reasonable amount.

PairWise Party webapp for board games
Nice list, Mary!

When all participants have completed their compares the results will be displayed, with the games ranked by votes given, most to least. You may also use the provided drop down selector to display each participants results individually.

Now that the votes are in, it’s time to discuss which games to play. There is no set rule that you must follow the results of the votes, but it will give you an idea as to which games are at the forefront of the player’s minds.

Also, players may look at their personal votes to see which games they currently prefer over others. These lists can create deep discussions about board games in general.

This is our first release of PairWise Party, and we have more features planned. Such as...

  • The ability to use your collection from BGG.

  • A way to settle ties.

  • Saving your PairWise Party (PWP) to the cloud so you may reload it later.

  • Share your PWP with friends so they may complete their compares online then submit the results, which can be viewed online as well. Then, when players arrive for board game night, they’ll be ready to talk about the results.

  • Tournament mode: select the number of games to be in the tournament and the app will setup game brackets to be played with each game’s participants. Players will also be able to use the app to keep track of their wins or losses and who plays.

  • Create a PWP based on the top-games-list of one of the Apocalypse’s featured personas.

  • The ability to upload images for your games.

I would issue one WARNING…your players may spend a considerable amount of time in board game discourse, discussing their choices and the results, which will be taking up valuable playing time. So, be prepared to put a stop to the parley paralysis and get the games going.

PairWise Party webapp for board games
An Example PairWise Party setup

The web app was designed so that any type of comparisons can be made, from where to eat to which movie to watch. So use it as you see fit.

Well, there you have it. If there are any features that you would like to see or have any other feedback then please drop a comment below.

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