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Apocalypse Launch Day Persona List

What do we do when we want to know more about a board game? Why, we turn to the professionals, is what we do. Here is the list of initial board game persona featured in the Apocalypse.

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of games coming out each month and we’ll never live long enough to play them all, so we need dedicated board game reviewers to help us make informative purchasing choices.

One of my most helpful files is a spreadsheet where I keep track of the top-games-of-all-time published by multiple board game persona. I use this spreadsheet whenever I’m wanting to bring home a new game. I have published this spreadsheet on this site and added some functionality, so that others can benefit from it as well.

Below is the list of the initial persona I’ve included in the Apocalypse database.


Alex from

Alex Radcliffe came on the scene December 2019 and I knew, from his first video, that he would be bringing something unique to the board gaming community. Alex did not let me down. When you mix his business savvy with his many years of gaming experience you get an invaluable board gaming perspective.

Over the past year and a half, his videos have increased in quantity without sacrificing quality. He now gives weekly news updates and more. His channel has some very unique topics, ranging from “How to Sell a Board Game” to questions like, “Are Minis Necessary?” One of my favorite series is one titled, “Games Leaving My Collection.” His series on Kickstarters, “To Back or Not To Back”, is super informative, especially for those who follow Kickstarter games.

Alex has recently started bringing on new faces to his show and partnering with other board game personas, where he loves to “talk shop”. Their conversations are not only informative but are a delight to watch. I’m super excited about the future of his channel.

Check him out, and if you like, join his Patreon (links found on his channel). I’ll see you there.

Note: Throughout this site you'll see the above boardgameco logo. Alex help

s manage I've had multiple pleasant dealings with boardgameco, buying used games and selling my own. While we are not affiliated with them financially, boardgameco is my preferred location to deal in used games.


Our Family Plays Games

This family trio came on the scene a month later, January of 2020, and I fell in love with them instantly. Their mission is to get more families into this beloved hobby and to add more diversity. I grew up in a diverse community in the south and the way Mik, Starla, and their son, Grant, carry on with each other reminds me of home, which brings a smile to my face.

I love their motto, a family that plays together stays together. There is truth in that. I can also empathize with Mik as I’m always buying new games and, as my wife will tell you, we don’t need anymore (ha, yes, we do, hun, sorry).

Their reviews are well produced and they bring diverse opinions about games. Starla and Mik have their own favorites. Starla likes cute, competitive games that bring the family together and Mik likes solo games and coops, but they both like games that make you think and give a good challenge.

Check them out and if you don’t crack a smile listening to their banter then you probably should check your pulse.


The Dice Tower

If you don’t know about Tom Vasel and The Dice Tower, then you are either new to gaming or have been playing your games in a cave. Their channel on YouTube is the closest thing you’ll find to a cable TV station dedicated to board gaming. The combined board gaming knowledge of Tom and his crew is a huge asset to all gamers.

Each year, Tom and this crew put out their list of top one hundred games of all time. Their board gaming banter is super entertaining as they poke jabs and make shrewd but friendly comments at one another, all in good gaming fun. Their Top Lists generally include a People’s Choice where viewers vote on their favorite games.

I have added the top 20 from 2020 for Tom, Roy, Mike, and Zee to the Apocalypse Game Database and will add more as time permits.

Head on over to their site at and put their vast knowledge to work for you.


That rounds out initial slate of board game persona. While I couldn’t put my entire list up because of the time required to do so, I will be adding in more games and more top-games-list by other board game persona as time allows.

If you have any favorite board game persona who have a top 20+ list then tell us about them in the comments.

Now, If you've liked this article then go ahead and join the Apocalypse, create you an account and turn on notifications, and I'll see you in the wastelands.

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